Design, build … and MAINTAIN AND UPGRADE your panels

We want to offer the very best solution for each challenge. To satisfy this, we fine-tune our approach fully to our customers. We have a dedicated business unit  for each sector: Infra, Industry, Buildings and OEM and New Business, especially for our new customers. We are now adding a sixth to these five: Service . Stijn Cuppens, manager of this new business unit will provide more detailed information about this.

“We want to build the best possible panel to meet every challenge of our customers. But we notice that, in most cases, the challenge does not end there. Because our panels are installed … and often nothing happens after that.”

“For many companies, the maintenance of these panels is a major task. For various reasons: no time, insufficient personnel, too little knowledge … And even if maintenance does take place, it is often on an ad hoc basis. They do not go to work systematically.”

Dust as conductor

“While you have to clean each panel each year. This bit of maintenance ensures good and safe operation. Because for example, accumulated dust functions as a conductor, giving rise to a risk of electrical sparks. This can lead to electrocution or fire. Through this new business unit, we want to provide relief to companies by offering them systematic maintenance. Both with regard to the maintenance of your control cabinet as well as the specific maintenance on your circuit breaker.”

“And we do much more than removing dust from your panels. We make a thorough survey of the condition of your panels. Are there bad connections? Hotspots? On that basis, we draw up a clear plan of action. We list which components need to be replaced. We provide a list of components of which you should maintain a stock of spares. Etc. Following up on your panels in this manner is a proactive method of working. And you do not intervene only after it is too late.”

“But we go one step further. For example, you find it reasonable to only invest in new panels after a certain number of years, but your installation in its present condition will not be able to survive the time period in question. We then look for ways to efficiently and safely fill this time gap by making the necessary replacements, revamping or retrofitting. Think for example of a new circuit breaker. We have the know-how, experience and the equipment to offer the most efficient and high-quality solution each time.”

Internet of things

“Finally, the integration of Internet of Things into control cabinets is a reality. Smart panels that monitor energy management and power quality are gradually becoming a requirement. During the design phase, we at P&V can on the one hand raise awareness about problems that arise through the installation of modern electronics, and offer solutions for the same.”

“We worked hard in the last few months to get the structure of this unit up and running”, concludes Stijn. “Now we are ready to move into action. My ambition is to expand this business unit into a team of around twenty to thirty people.”

The activities of Service

We offer the following service for all low-voltage distribution panels within Belgium:

Linking, extending and modifying your existing panels. Replacing old power switches.

From basic maintenance to repairs.

Obtain control over and optimise the energy consumption of your installations.