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30 years experience in panel construction

Leading company

For more than 30 years P&V Elektrotechniek has been a leader in the design and construction of distribution and control panels. With a team of 180 experienced employees, we are the largest independent panel builder in Belgium. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are built on quality, flexibility and reliability.

Tailored to the customer’s needs

Yet we are primarily a company tailored to the customer’s needs. We use our expertise and experience to produce the most optimal and cost-effective solution for every challenge. This applies to custom and serial production, national and international, for industry, utilities companies, machine builders, integrators and installation companies.

Pioneering company



P&V’s panels are built with only the best parts, according to the strictest quality standards. Already back in 1997, the company unveiled a total quality system in its quest to achieve perfection. The system ensures you top-quality production, the best complete process and optimal services. All panels undergo continuous quality controls during assembly as well as a complete simulation test prior to delivery.
International organizations have long recognized P&V’s pursuit for quality. The company rapidly obtained the renowned ISO 9001 certification. And, now, with UL approval, P&V can also produce control panels for the demanding US and Canadian market. Only two panel builders in Belgium can boast this prestigious UL approval, which means it’s a true honor.


Innovation & know-how

P&V’s years of experience have resulted in an efficient corporate process using advanced software. The designers and draughtsmen of P&V Elektrotechniek make use of the latest software systems (EPLAN P8 – EPLAN ENGINEERING CENTER) and are continually perfecting their training. This means that our electric panels are always built rapidly and extremely efficiently, according to applicable standards and in strict compliance with your needs. The details prove that quality and workmanship are priorities during assembly: P&V’s signs are well organized and run smoothly, with the right sections, well-sized connections… In short, P&V guarantees a well-organized finished product that facilitates maintenance. At delivery, you receive all blueprints, the list of parts and maintenance instructions.


Tailor-made solutions

To ensure products that perfectly meet requirements, you need a partner who understands your applications. P&V Elektrotechniek has the knowledge to provide high performing, cost-effective solutions.
Our experienced technicians combine sector knowledge with excellent workmanship. A flat organizational structure and short decision-making lines guarantee smooth communication and rapid knowledge transfer. P&V also continuously invests in its people so that they have the best skills. Our independent position in the market enables us to assist you in finding the most suitable solution and guide you in the selection of new products and technologies.

What we do


Do you demand optimal operational safety for your switch panels, strong technical knowledge from your supplier and perfectly reliable supply performance? P&V Projects puts its vast experience and complete range of services to work for your activities.


For designing variations of control panels in a reliable and efficient manner, P&V Elektrotechniek customers can use a configurator. The configurator uses the EPLAN EEC software and develops the designs according to the specifications.


With well-organized logistics and production P&V Elektrotechniek takes care of the series production of control panels and control cabinets for machine builders. In close collaboration with the client, from engineering, prototyping and the production.


P&V offers you a complete range of switch panels: from universal to compartmentalized low-voltage panels.
From the smallest junction box to the biggest distribution panel: you can turn to P&V.

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